• The walls, steps and benches are all carefully brushed.
    (Similar to brushing one's teeth, this must be done consistently.) This greatly helps to prevent algae, calcium and mineral buildup.
  • The surface is completely netted, and floor as needed.
  • Pump and skimmer baskets are emptied as well as leaf canisters/bags on automatic cleaning systems. (This greatly reduces the chance of debris getting lodged in the pump's impeller and jamming it).
  • Filters are regularly backwashed when due.
  • Pool equipment is monitored for optimal performance.
  • Your water is tested. Sanitizer is added and your pool's PH is balanced. If PH is too high, it can have a very adverse effect on the pool's equipment as well as the pool's surface, damaging it's visual appeal and significantly shortening it's life. Out of balance PH can also cause skin and eye irritations.
  • Service slip is left indicating date and time of service.
  • We take great precaution to ensure that all access gates into your pool & yard are closed, latched & or locked as found, to prevent dogs from escaping and ensure the safety of neighborhood children.