With nearly 30 years of Resort and large Commercial pool maintenance, Resort Pool Maintenance is poised to implement the latest techniques and products into a comprehensive and affordable pool maintenance program for your business or resort. 

Commercial Pool solutions include:

  • Service your pools (2) and spa seven days a week.
  • Vacuum, net and brush pools and spa as needed.
  • Backwash pools and spa as needed.
  • Water testing on each visit and recording of results on hours logo, as required by state health code 64E-9.
  • Drain and refill spa as needed.
  • Clean tile on pools and spa as needed.
  • Provide certificate for Worker's Compensation and General Liability.
  • Chlorine shock pools as needed.
  • Provide copy of Orange County swimming pool Competency card and CPO card.
  • Prompt communications with on-site engineering department for needed repairs on pools and spas.